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Nick Potter

British Contemporary Artist - Original acrylic paintings
(b.1959) Derbyshire

Despite attaining an 'A' in Art at school, Nick was encouraged to go to university rather than Art School. He read Archaeology at Leicester University followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

However after moving to the Leicestershire countryside and fuelled by frequent visits to Cornwall, Scotland and the Lake District he became much more interested in landscape painting. This led to years of experimentation with different media and he discovered the vibrancy of acrylic inks and used them like watercolour paints. This experience later enabled him to publish his work and to exhibit in UK galleries.

Nick now lives yards from the sea on the Northumberland coast where he is inspired by the landscape and seascapes every day.Using acrylics for their versatility and quick-drying properties he paints quickly employing various textures, dribbles, splatters and scrapings. His unique works are now sold through his agent and privately to galleries and the public.

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Nick Potter - available artworks

Sundown, Rising Moon

Nick Potter

British Contemporary Artist - Original acrylic paintings
Acrylic on board - Framed
“Sundown, Rising Moon”
Size: 20 x 20 inches


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