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Mary Shaw

British Still Life Artist – Original mixed media paintings

Entirely self- taught, Mary Shaw demonstrated an early aptitude for painting and completed her first commission at the age of just 13. As an adult, she lived for a time in Africa where she began to establish herself as a professional artist.

On returning to the UK, Mary rediscovered her affection for the English countryside. She was particularly interested in the rare and endangered species found amongst hedgerows, and began to depict them in her paintings. Using a variety of media, Mary creates pieces with a delicate, enchanting touch. Loosely-painted organic foregrounds contrast with areas of exquisite detail while her use of diamond dust gives each painting an iridescent sparkle.

Mary has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and her works are collected across the world - most notably the King of Qatar was gifted a piece by his son, Prince Abdullah Al Thani.

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