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Mark Grieves

British Contemporary Artist
(b.1971) Newcastle upon Tyne

Possessing great natural talent for painting as well as a huge imagination, Mark says, “The beauty of creating images that normally wouldn’t exist in real life is what art means to me”. 

Mark’s methods differ from the traditional approach. Whereas an artist would normally work from light to dark, Mark finds it natural to work in reverse. Exclusively using oils, he will start with a completely black canvas and add highlights until striking a balance in contrast. He works hard at composition and at the geometry emphasising light and shadow. He also likes titles to give clues to give a strong sense of narrative to his work. 

Mark’s hugely successful musical series was a complete sell-out with his former publishers, and his originals and limited editions often sold out within a few days of issue. Due to his painstaking attention to detail, original paintings are in short supply leading to ever-higher demand.

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Mark Grieves

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British Contemporary Artist
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