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Kim Haskins

British Contemporary Artist - Original oil paintings
(b.1981) Hertfordshire

Throughout school Kim was known as the class artist - the one who drew pictures in other peoples’ exercise books, made posters for school plays, designed t-shirts etc. Even growing up her pictures always fell into one of two categories: humorous or still life. This is still the case today; Kim paints vibrant, humorous pictures of animals, particularly chickens and cats and still life pictures of food and objects that make her happy (crumbling biscuits, oozing jam and cups of tea feature heavily in her work).

In 2009 Haskins submitted a painting of Jammie Dodger biscuits called ‘Broken Hearted’ to the 51st Essex Open Art event and won the Best Still Life category which was the featured image on all publicity material. That summer, Kim’s biscuits were all over Essex!

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Kim Haskins - available artworks

Afternoon Tea (Teacup Wedge)

Kim Haskins

British Contemporary Artist - Original oil paintings
Original oil painting on canvas - Framed
“Afternoon Tea (Teacup Wedge)”
Size: 16 x 16 inches


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