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Andrei Protsouk

International Contemporary Artist - Original Oil Paintings
(b.1961) Ukraine

Andrei Protsouk demonstrated an exceptional gift for art from a young age and, after leaving school, attended the prestigious Lugansk School of Fine Art as well as the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute; one of the world’s finest art training programmes. Here, Protsouk studied under Evsey Moiseenko - a world-renowned contemporary of Chagall and Picasso.

Protsouk’s early works reflected the melancholy of Soviet living conditions but, after moving to the UK in 1994, his paintings became more colourful and joyful; celebrating the freedom of American society. His elaborate artworks often centre around the universal theme of love, and feature bursts of vibrant colour, intricate shapes and varied textures.

His phenomenal commercial success has included commissions from Johnnie Walker and Coca Cola. His work also hangs in private collections of notable figures including George Bush. As such his artworks are considered to have excellent investment potential.

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Andrei Protsouk - available artworks

Love in Venice

Andrei Protsouk

Recently Acquired
International Contemporary Artist - Original Oil Paintings
Limited edition print - Framed
“Love in Venice”
Size: 18 x 36 inches


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